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Tractor Auction
With the addition of the Sorrento Centre Farm property we are now responsible for maintaining over 30 acres of land that includes roads, lawns, forest trails and a working farm.

In order to efficiently manage our grounds and farm production we need a tractor. This tractor will help us do jobs including mowing, tilling, snow plowing, trench digging and moving large materials.

We successfully raised over $24,000 for our tractor fund during the 2010 and 2011 seasons through generous donations from many of our friends and associates as well as with raffles, a grant and an on-line auction.

We are inspired and excited at this tremendous show of support for the Sorrento Centre Farm!

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5 Registrations for the Price of 4

It is a priority of Sorrento Centre’s ministry to invite families and individuals who have not been here before. Through our educational ministry at Sorrento Centre we would like to support the ongoing ministry of parishes.

Churches and associations are invited to partner with Sorrento Centre in inviting new families and individuals to benefit from the summer programs.

For every four family registrations (or equivalent) from a partner organization, a fifth new family or individual is eligible to receive a credit valued up to $600.00. This credit will be used toward the program costs for a family’s stay for a week. All costs over the credited amount would be the guest’s responsibility.

When four or more family registrations/households from a congregation or registered organization are received, we will award the eligible registrant from that Church/Organization a credit of up to $600, to be used to help cover the program costs for a new family’s stay.

Congregations and organizations who choose to partner in this “5 for the price of 4” discount need to submit a Church Partnership Registration Form in order to be eligible for the discount.

This credit will be awarded to families or individuals who have not been to Sorrento Centre before. Credit will be granted to eligible registrants up to and including the last " Five Weeks of Summer" program week.

This discount cannot be combined with the newcomers’ discount. Use of the partnership discount is limited to availability of space at time of booking.

Call us or speak to your parish contact for more details.

Application Form
  • Preview and /or download the 2-page "5 registrations for the price of 4" application form here »
  • A registration form is found on page 2 of the download document may be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed. The deadline for applicationsfor the 2018 season is May 31, 2018.
More on Church and Association Partnerships

Sorrento Centre has always had partners in ministry. Together with groups who have similar values, we have reached out to create leaders in our communities.

If you have an idea of partnering with us, call Sorrento Centre and together we can grow, nurture and deliver that dream you have for learning and building community.

For more information please contact the Executive Director - email »


During The Five Weeks of Summer
we have a special promotion for newcomers.

If you have never been to Sorrento Centre before and you are registering for a course,
you automatically qualify for a discount equivalent to the R&R fee for that week:
a value of $175 per adult.

If you are registering for R&R,you qualify for a discount of $100.

(These discounts cannot be combined with the “5 for the price of 4”
parish savings program.)