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Your health is of the utmost concern to us.

With each meal we prepare we strive to accommodate any food allergies you may identify.

When you register your group for a stay with us you will be asked to provide information on any dietary restrictions which your participants may have.

Please be as specific as possible and our kitchen staff will work hard to meet your needs.

Accommodations can be made either for individual participants or for the group as a whole. Knowing your specific allergy concerns or food restrictions in advance is an important tool for our kitchen staff to ensure that your stay with us is both healthy and satisfying.


5 for the price of 4

We are always eager to encourage
new families to share in the
“Sorrento Experience”.

Our popular “5 for the price of 4” program allows parishes to partner
with us. For every four families
or individuals from a parish
attending one of our programs,
a fifth family who is
new to Sorrento Centre
is eligible to receive a credit
of up to $600.

This credit is used towards program fees and cannot be combined with the newcomers’ discount (see below).

Call us or speak to your parish contact for more details. Parish registration is required by May 31, 2018

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During The Five Weeks of Summer
we have a special promotion
for newcomers. If you have
never been to Sorrento Centre before and you are registering for a course,
you automatically qualify for
a discount equivalent to the R&R fee
for that week: a value of $175 per adult.

If you are registering for R&R,
you qualify for a discount of $100.

(These discounts cannot
be combined with the
“5 for the price of 4”
parish savings program.)


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at Sorrento

Great meals, affordable accommodations, meeting room facilities, fantastic Shuswap geography, lots of area attractions...
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You don't need a group - arrange an individual R&R getaway on your own or for your family - see here »

Ecology and Sustainable
Studying ecology and agriculture in the field

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Meals at Sorrento Centre
  • Meals are served at the Richardson Lodge Dining Room and the adjacent outdoor picnic 4tables.
  • We are committed to making your dining experience relaxing, healthy, and flavourful.
  • We strive to provide nutritionally sound, ethically sourced meals prepared with pride from whole ingredients.

Since 2010 we have engaged in an ambitious project with our eight-acre Sorrento Farm located 2 km from the Centre. Throughout the growing season the farm provides our kitchen with a wide variety of produce, grown without invasive methods or the use of pesticides.

You can expect to find Sorrento Farm produce at all meals throughout the summer season, ranging from the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in your salads to the seasonal vegetables (carrots, peppers, eggplant, onions, celery, and more) used as ingredients in most of our meals.

In addition, our herb garden at the farm provides much of the seasoning to our dishes, allowing you to “taste Sorrento” in every bite!

  • More about the Sorrento farm here »



Don’t forget that your tuition fee includes all snacks and also one evening meal: our Summer Community Dinner. This is held on Friday evening during each week of The Five Weeks of Summer Programming.

For young and old, each of the five weeks wraps up with a Closing Eucharist service, followed by a Summer Community Dinner and capped off with a dance in Kekuli. Everyone on site is welcomed to these closing celebrations. Come as you are, or dress up if you wish.


plus applicable tax (not included)

per person

Cost per Day
6-Night Course
Full Meal Package $40 $20 $210 $105
Dinner Package $18 $9 $90 $45

per meal + GST (not included) - Individual meals can be purchased with minimum 24 hours notice.
per meal
Breakfast $10 $5 free
Lunch $12 $6 free
Dinner $18 $9 free
Full Board
(3 meals daily)
$40 $20 free

Sorrento Centre Private Event Menu

At Sorrento Centre we want to ensure that you enjoy your stay, that you are nourished and satisfied. Our own Sorrento Farm provides us with an abundance of fresh organic produce complimenting our daily offerings of good and wholesome food. Throughout the day you will have access to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice.

This menu allows for private events to choose their meal selections. But is it is also an example of what we offer to all guests.

Customizing Your Meal Order for your private event

All meals at Sorrento Centre are served buffet style in our dining room.

All breakfasts, lunches and dinners come with some standard features, which are always offered at each meal. To round out the meal you have the choice of one main entrée. You can choose the main entrées for your group in advance from the following menu selections or you may opt, as many groups do, for the Chef’s Choice.

The Chef’s Choice option allows our chef to decide on a balanced menu for your group taking into account the ages, interests and particular needs of your group and the seasonal availability of produce from our farm. Of course, our chef is always available to consult with you in the menu selection process.


Meals at Sorrento CentreWe can provide snacks and refreshments for coffee breaks during your stay with us. As well as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice, typical snacks will include any of the following depending on the type and size of the group and the time of day:

  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Assorted baked goods
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Chips and dip

Fruit platters and cheese boards can be ordered in any size. Simply ask one of our office staff about the options available.

Breakfast Options
Breakfast at Sorrento Centre always includes these basics:

  • “create your own” oatmeal and yogurt bar
  • home-made baked goods such as muffins, or scones
  • cut fruit or fruit salad
  • toast with butter, peanut butter or jam
  • cold cereal and milk
  • coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice

You can complete your breakfast orders by adding any these main entrée options:

  • Mornin’ Sunshine: Treat yourself in the morning by indulging in pancakes, French toast, topped with our homemade fruit sauce and whipped cream. A side of breakfast meat is included.
  • Grab’n’Go: Selection of fresh baked goods (muffins, scones, coffee cake, and bagels), sliced cheese, cold cuts, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Eggs Benny-licious: Take it up a notch with a toasted English muffin, slice of ham, a soft poached egg, topped in decadent hollandaise sauce. Served with hash browns.
  • Keep it simple: Not a big breakfast eater? This breakfast was made for you! For a reduced rate you can keep your morning simple with the basics listed above.
Lunch Options

Meals at Sorrento CentreAll lunches at Sorrento Centre include a garden salad, a speciality salad, dessert and beverages. During the summer season we offer a full salad bar, and in the cooler months we offer a hot soup. Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options can be made available upon request.

The following lunch entrees are available for you to choose:

  • Pizza Pizza!: Our delicious home-made pizzas come prepared with a variety of toppings such as Hawaiian, chicken pesto, “Meat Lovers” or vegetarian.
  • Summer Barbeque: There is no better way to spend the summer than enjoying an outdoor barbeque! We offer hamburgers and hot dogs (vegetarian options available) and served with “oven fries” and all the fixings, including cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sautéed mushrooms.
  • Make-Your-Own Sandwich: The sky is the limit! Load up your fresh bread with sandwich proteins (chicken, cold cuts, or egg salad), veggies (lettuce, tomato, onion), and sauces galore! Also included are chips and dip!
  • Wrap it Up!: Here we take delicious flavour combinations such as Turkey BLT, Chicken Greek, or classic ham and cheese, and wrap them flavoured flour tortillas.
  • Bagels and Cream Cheese: It doesn’t get better than this. Assorted bagels with flavoured cream cheeses, including onion and herb, sundried tomato, and roasted garlic.
  • Quesadillas: A heavenly mixture of roasted vegetables, chicken and cheese baked in flour tortillas, served with nachos, salsa and sour cream.
  • Quiche: Quiche are filled with seasonal garden fresh fillings, complimented with traditional and modern fillings such as ham and broccoli, spinach, mushroom and sundried tomato.
  • Chili Time: Nothing hits the spot quite like fresh homemade chilli, with cheese, onions and sour cream, accompanied by warm, buttery cornbread from the oven!
  • Sheppard’s Pie: Everything you need in one dish! Vegetables, beef, gravy and mashed potatoes come together in this delightfully warming casserole.
  • Soup and Rolls: Hearty and delicious soups served with our homemade hearty molasses rolls. The rolls can be made into little sandwiches, or dipped into the soup!
  • Mac’n’Cheese: Everything you loved about being kid comes back to you in this grown up version of Macaroni and cheese. Loaded with ham and 3 types of cheese, this creamy delight is sure to hit the spot!
  • Taco Fiesta!: We provide you with everything you need to create the most delicious taco you’ve ever tasted; seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, lettuces, and a special slaw. Does it get better than this?
  • Butter Chicken: Chicken marinated in this deliciously creamy butter sauce served over rice. It’s plate lickin’ good!
Dinner Options

Meals at Sorrento CentreDinner at Sorrento Centre includes a hot vegetable, a garden salad, speciality salad, dessert and beverages. Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options can be made available upon request.

  • Roast Pork Dinner: Roasted pork loin rubbed with garlic, rosemary and Dijon mustard, with roast potatoes, gravy, seasonal vegetables and home-made apple sauce.
  • Baked Ham Dinner: Sweet and salty unite in this baked beauty accompanied by roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
  • Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian Stir Fry: This rainbow vegetable medley is stir-fried in teriyaki sauce with a choice of chicken, beef or tofu, served with fried or steamed rice.
  • Baked Lasagna: Traditional baked meaty Italian lasagna with tomato vegetable sauce, served with garlic toast and Caesar salad.
  • Barbecued Chicken: Chicken legs and breast pieces slathered in barbeque sauce, cooked to perfection. Served with rice or potatoes, seasonal vegetables and napkins!
  • Chicken Souvlaki: Skewers of cubed chicken marinated in a zesty lemon, herb and garlic mix, served with tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber sauce), pita bread and rice pilaf or lemon roasted potatoes.
  • Beefy Stroganoff: Tender strips of beef in a tangy sour cream and mushroom sauce, served over buttered egg noodles.
  • Meals at Sorrento CentreMom’s Meatloaf: The original comfort food! Hearty meatloaf with a succulent sweet and sour tomato glaze served with seasonal vegetables, gravy and mashed potatoes.
  • Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan: Eggplant from the farm or golden breaded chicken served in an herbed tomato sauce and accompanied by rice or spaghetti.
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu: A non-breaded, herbed chicken breast stuffed with ham and melted Swiss cheese, watch out taste buds!
  • Pasta Bar: Why limit yourself to one when you can indulge in Italian famous Italian favourites? Fettuccini Alfredo, Pesto Penne or traditional Spaghetti…
  • Stuffed Pork Loin: Tender pork loin stuffed with either a savoury mushroom filling or apple stuffing.
  • Beef Ragu: Tender beef that falls apart at the touch of your fork, marinated in a rich herb filled tomato sauce, served over noodles. Your world is about to be changed!
  • Perfect Pot Roast: Slow roasted for 9 hours with celery, carrots and onions breaking down with the meats juices create a savoury, and flavourful gravy.

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