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Volunteer for Farm Produce Program
FARM TOURS available for the general public during the summer. Contact the Sorrento Centre Office for details.
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Tractor Auction

With the addition of the Sorrento Centre Farm property we are now responsible for maintaining over 30 acres of land, which includes roads, lawns, forest trails and a working farm.

In order to efficiently manage our grounds and farm production, the tractor helps us with mowing, tilling, snow plowing, trench digging and moving large materials.

We successfully raised over $24,000 for our tractor fund during the 2010 and 2011 seasons through generous donations from many of our friends and associates as well as with raffles, a grant and our on-line auction. We are inspired and excited at this tremendous show of support for the Sorrento Centre Farm!

Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI)

CFAI is a collaborative effort between local communities, Interior Health's Community Nutritionists and the Ministry of Health Services. The Sorrento Centre Farm benefited from a $5000 grant toward our tractor fund through the Community Food Action Initiative.

Interior Health has invested $66,783.83 through the Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI) to support community food security projects in 16 communities throughout the region. The initiative is part of a province-wide strategy to promote food security programs and to encourage British Columbians to make healthy food choices.

Ecology and Sustainable
Studying ecology and agriculture in the field

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Earth Day
A reflection and resources prepared by the Anglican Church of Canada here » / here »
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Farm-to-Table 2013
NOURISH YOURSELF! Sorrento's Farm to Table

Nourish yourself – connect with creation! Experience our faith-based farm!

Sorrento Centre Farm is now entering its 8th year of producing fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for our guests and community.

Our farm is a deeply integrated element of life at Sorrento Centre. While spending time with your family and friends in Sorrento, you will have abundant opportunities to engage with creation on our farm.

Some of the opportunities include

  • Farm to Table: fresh farm produce served in the dining room
  • Creation Integration: Children and Youth Program farm activities
  • Share in the Abundance: seasonal produce available
  • Farm Tours: Everyone is invited to join us for a farm tour


The Sorrento Centre Farm will help people deepen and strengthen their experience of God being present in their lives and in their world.

The Sorrento Centre Farm seeks to create a just relationship between people and Earth by growing, sharing and learning about food, and by sharing the abundance with those most in need

If you have inquiries about the farm please feel free to contact our Farm Manager Clay Foard by phone or email ».

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Our Farm and Our Community

Sorrento Centre Farm is a vegetable and fruit farm located 2 km west of Sorrento. We grow produce for Sorrento Centre’s Dining Room and for local charities. We are seeking local people who are interested in volunteering on the farm in exchange for a share of the harvest. Read more »

About the Farmer: Clay Foard

We are very pleased that Clay Foard is our Department Head for the Grounds and Farm - Clay began this role with Sorrento March 1, 2016.

Clay has been on staff looking after grounds most recently during the interim period, and prior to this, as a seasonal staff member overseeing the farm and grounds during Dave Wides’ parental leave. It is great for the Centre that he is able to transition into this familiar but new role! .. . read more here »


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